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Acorus Calamus / Calamus Americanus

This versatile and ancient root, called by many different names and used throughout many different cultures is one of the more intriguing ethnobotanicals we offer at the shop. Acorus Calamus is a sacred plant been held in high esteem by North American Indians for hundreds of years, it’s been used ritualistically in ancient China, it’s revered in Ayurvedic Medicine systems to this day, South American indigenous cultures use it to this day in a similar way that Coca leaves were used, and it is deeply rooted in Shamanism and magic the world over.

Calamus, depending on the dose and the type of root, has been known to both increase energy while reducing anxiety. Many describe Calamus Root as the perfect Ying Yang ethnobotanical because it can “put one’s energy into balance, allowing one to resonate as a whole.” This is part of what has earned Calamus a place in holistic, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as a treatment for anxiety, from full-on attacks to 'small daily anxieties' that most experience at one time or another. We have found recommendations by holistic physicians who prescribe one to chew on Calamus root while breathing deeply, fully and slowly. This will allow the anxiety and panic to subside.

Obviously Calamus Root is not a medicine and is simply an herbal supplement. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and we offer this information as anecdotal evidence and research purposes only.

Something that we find great interest in at the shop is how Calamus research from the 1960’s noted that Calamus Americanus was used in Native American ceremonies due to its visionary properties. At high doses, there were reportedly auditory and visual distortions that went beyond simple psychoactive effects. In fact, the Cheyenne use Calamus Americanus roots as a powerful incense in sweat lodge ceremonies. If one tosses pieces of fresh root onto the hot stones, a smoke is produced. This smoke is said to be cleansing and detoxifying.

And it didn’t stop there for the American Indians. They often added ground up Calamus Root to elixirs, smoking blends, and tobacco. As similarly noted with Kava, there are many reports that this root was used in hunts to stave off hunger, while allowing one to “walk long distances without touching the ground” when eating about a 2” section of this root

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