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Our rare and exotic botanicals are just one of a wide range of natural products we offer for any modern-day Spiritual Explorer or Shaman, including a full range of incense, candles, and other meditation supplies. For example, our Bookstore is a great place to find hand-picked books on shamanic plants and herbs.
Our Herbal Smokes section has a complete line of herb grinders, rolling papers, and herbal smoke blends based on traditional smoking blends gathered from Curanderos, Shaman, Witch Doctors (that's actually what they're called in many parts of Africa, and we only have a negative connotation associated with the term due to Western conditioning), Ayurvedists, and the Native Americans.

Our Kava Kava section has the absolute strongest, most potent, and most effective Kava Kava products on the market.  From the instant-on Kava Tincture Plus, to the 55% Kavalactone Paste, to the brand new Instant Kava Singles, we guarantee that no one else offers Kava products that are stronger than any of the Kava brands we offer here at ShamansGarden.  No matter what percentage of Kavalactone competitors claim their product contains, Kona Kava Farm and KavaDotCom's Kava root is 3rd party verified and GMP-manufactured.  Trust the oldest online retailer; Kona Kava Farm who sold their first package of Mahakea Kava Root in the summer of 1998.  It was paid for via Money Order as Kona Kava Farm didn't yet take credit cards online.
Have a look around; you may be surprised by how many products we have to offer, all related to Spirituality and/or Shamanism in some way. We're proud to be able to say that our line of exotic botanicals and incenses is unmatched. We are truly passionate as you are about all of these things, and always want to hear any feedback and opinons you might have in relation to anything we do or offer here. Write me, Bodhi, directly at shamanelf at shamansgarden dot com, and I promise a personal response within 24 hours.
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