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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

We offer only organic, untreated, chemical-free seeds here at Shaman's Garden. When coated with pesticides and fungicides, it can not only lessen the viability of these precious seeds, but it can also weaken the entire strain as well. This is true of all of our "just as nature intended" seeds, including our MORNING GLORY SEEDS, which are part of the same family of plants.
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds much controversy in regards to its true place in Shamanic history, at least outside of its native culture and home; India. These vining plants are so beautiful to look at, that both the leaves and the flowers are a welcome addition to any shaman's garden.
We offer several grades of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Since our loyal customers have come to rely on the accuracy of the information we provide, we offer all of the strains of seeeds we have found on various websites, so you can educate yourself on the differences between each grade. Please note that we genuinely offer our line of HBWR seeds strictly for educational purposes only and for cultivation.  If we even think you might consume these seeds, we will not sell them to you. 

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