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This is one of my favorite parts of the shop because all the Shamanic Instruments we offer here were found while searching this wondrous planet for more rare and exotic plants that have long histories of use in meditation and ritual.  The singing bowls we offer are sourced from Nepal, where each one is hand crafted and pounded into shape using ancient techniques and tools.  The Shaman Rattles are made from real gourds by a group of indigenous people in Iquitos, Peru, and we even offer a naturally-occurring rattle that is used by shamans called the "Shaman Rattle Root" elsewhere in our shop.
One of the products we are most proud of are our Shaman Instruments.  These are procured in Iquitos, Peru, where the Shaman Conference is held each year by the person responsible for helping to make Ayahuasca legal in the USA for members of the Santo Daime Church.
Soga-del-Alma has more info about the Shamanic Conferences.
All of the markings on the rattles are hand carved or hand drawn and have very specific meaning to them.  They are, in fact, in honor of the sacred Ayahusca rituals that are such a part of Shamanic tradition in South America.  The lines represent the pathways that Ayahuasca opens in the mind when imbibing in the Ayahuasca ritual, and "Curanderos" (medicine men who are still highly regarded as healers in South America, often taking the place of traditional doctors in small communites) wear outfits that they have had drawn the designs on, while shaking the very rattles that we offer here, with the same exact designs drawn on them.
Admittedly, we have a much smaller selection than we hope to eventually have.  If we wanted to get cheap imitations of true, handcrafted instruments, we'd have lots listed here, but we are only interested in genuine instruments used in actual Shamanic ritual throughout the world.  The good news is that soon, we will have many more instruments offered here, including fluted and shamnic ritual drums.  These are NOT the cheap imitations made in mass quantities to sell to tourists; these are the actual instruments that are used in many sacred rituals, ceremonies, and meditation sessions throughout the world.  Yes, they cost a bit more, but with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we have never recevied a single product from our "Meditation Supplies" section back.
Lastly, our music, when used for rituals that involve spiritual journeys and exploration, are any CD's made by Rasa or Anugama.  While Rasa sings devotional music, Anugama makes music specifically for trance induction and spiritual, Shamanic journeying.