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We have incense sticks made by hand by Tibetan Monks, Indian Yogis, American Indians, and more; all of which is  made only from essential oils and real plant resins. We don't carry any "bulk" incense that has that inevitable "punk" smell, and have incense from all over the world, including Japan, India, Tibet, and the United States.
Actually, the burning of incense is a universal phenomena, spanning virtually all cultures.  It has been used both ritualistically, and as a simple enhancement to the pleasantness of any space, indoor or outdoor.  The American Indians used sage bundles for smudging, Tibetan Monks use incense in their temples, it's a craft that has been perfected by the Japanese, and the top selling incense in the world is from an Indian Guru named Sai Baba.
When choosing incense, remember these basic differences and types:
1. Stick incense contains a wooden core, with incense attached to the stick.  These are the most popular and widely known forms of incense, but they also burn, in addition to the incense, sticks of wood, often giving the incense and added woody or "punk" scent to them.
2. Japanese incense is known for it's super clean burning, and no wooden core, even though the incense is in the form of very thin sticks.  They don't burn as long as traditional sticks, but they burn exceptionally clean, and provide an extremely delicate scent.
3. Tibetan incense is about the same size as stick incense, but is formed without a wooden core.  Tibetan incense is made to fill an entire temple, and always follows a traditional recipe, which is always earthy in scent.
Incense can be powerful in so many ways, simply because of the atmosphere it automatically creates in whatever space it's burned in.  It's primal; fire and scent ignite the senses in ways that touch the very essence of who we are.  And few things are as versatile as incense is; we burn our favorites here at the shop every day to help us all enjoy our days just a little bit more.  We adore Nag Champa "Super Hit" from India, Scents of Blossom - Aqua from Japan, and our top selling Tibetan incense called Pancha Buddha; a free trade product made by hand to help in the fight to free Tibet.  Also, whenever we need to clear some energy in the shop, we always reach for the California Sage that has an intoxicating scent that we could never tire of.  Yes, incense is one of the original and most powerful psychoactive tools known to humans.
If there's a kind of incense you love most, chances are we offer it here at the shop, so don't be afraid to ask! - One of the cornerstones of our shop is the pride we take in selecting the vast array of incenses from all over the world, so we are always looking for different scents to add to this section, no matter how obscure or difficult to find.  We especially like incenses that are crafted by hand in small batches, just as we try with everything else at our shop.