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We get so many questions regarding our favorite products here at the shop besides Kratom, Kava Kava, HBWR Seeds, Kanna, and Blue Lotus/Lily (always Top Sellers), and to be honest, it can be quite a difficult question to answer as new products are being researched all the time. Our favorites also change from time to time as our moods change, so in response, we decided to add this section to the website, where we post our favorites below.
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FEATURED ITEM: Kavalctone 30% Capsules


TINCTURE BLENDS: We've added an entire line of expertly-crafted Kava Tincture Blends from Happy Kava Brand as well as GMP manufactured Liquid Extracts from Florascience. Both brands offer the best that individual herbs have to offer, as well as the synergy that occurs when Kava, already a powerful supplement on its own, is matched in exacting quantities with another single herb. The result is a product line that has shot to the Top Sellers List within a month of their debut here on ShamansGarden.

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HERBAL SMOKING BLENDS: After releasing the classic Dreamer's Blend, Morphing Blend, and Diviner's Three, we found a company called SweetSmoke Herbs who decided to take on the Herbal Smokes manufacturers who they felt were price gouging their customers, starting a line of Herbal Smokes, Herbal Smoking Blends, and the now famous Chill Herbal Smoking Blend. We feel that Chill not only rivals the famous "Spice"; but is more potent and effective at a fraction of the price. Druid Mood Blend was our Top Seller, but Chill Herbal Smoking Blend has taken over that top position.

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DREAMING HERBS: We have spent a great deal of time, energy, and money to bring you the best herbs used by various cultures to enhance and stimulate dreaming. Some are old favorites such as CALEA ZACATECHICHI, but others are new herbs and blends that we have found through our travels. One of our new favorites is a blend of HOLY BASIL SEEDS and PATCHOULI. This is one of the best and most pleasant blends we have ever found to enhance dreaming. We have added an entire section of the website just for dreaming.

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KAVA KAVA: We have an ongoing love affair with the extraordinary effects of Kava. Not only is it extremely pleasant, it is one of the most sociable sensations we've ever felt. Oceania reveres Kava's anti-anxiety and and anti-stress effects, but few products compare to the overall sensation of well-being that Kava can provide. We have only the top quality Noble Root and Kava Extracts (Like the wildly popular and crazy-strong Kavalactone 55% Paste.
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ENERGIZING HERBS: After the Ephedra scare and ephedra was banned a few years ago, people lost interest in this kind of herb, and inevitably, something would arrive to take its place. The herb that is gaining immense popularity is known as Bala Root (Sida Cordifolia), and it's completely legal everywhere in the world. It's a safe, all-natural energy boost, that will help you through you day. It is quite effective when used in conjunction with Celastrus, a clinically-proven cognitive enhancer that increases memory, and is one of a number of natural energy boosters we offer, all with a long tradition of indigenous use. Your purchases help support independent farmers in emerging nations.

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