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Calamus Root Whole

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Indian tribes in Canada and the U.S. made a remarkable number of uses for calamus root. Among the many, they would eat the roots in 1-inch sections as a general tonic and in 2-inch sections when on hunts; tie the root to blankets or clothing as a charm to keep ghosts of the night away; heat the root in water for a soothing aromatic tea; and pulverize the root and mix it with the bark of red willow for smoking.

Calamus root has a certain sweetness as well as a sour quality and a heat like that of cinnamon bark or ginger. An advantage to obtaining the whole root of this plant is that when aromatic herbs are powdered, the volatile oils they contain will more readily evaporate. What we provide are the WHOLE roots of organic A. calamus var. americanus and not the powder. There is no cutting or sifting of the root; only the actual specimen as it comes from the Earth, just as Mother Nature intended.

Be careful when choosing the “calamus” root you buy. You can find plenty of calamus from China and India, but from a different species (Acorus calamus) and with a different chemical profile from that of true Acorus calamus var. americanus root. This is one of the reasons we offer the whole root—so you can evaluate this authentic product for yourself! 

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