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This traditional Tibetan style Rosewood Mala has a traditional 108 beads with 3 interspersed Bodhi seeds between. This is a traditional mala with a touch of added beauty but at a lower price for those who are on a budget or simply starting off with meditation and mantra chants.  This particular style of mala, which came long before Christianity, is the model for the rosary that the Christian faith "borrowed" for their religion a couple of thousand years ago, although these were being used as far back as four or five thousand years ago.

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Rosewood Mala - $19.99
Base SKU:531012

This unique Red Bone mala is lovingly hand-made by Tibetan nuns living in exile. It is traditionally styled with a braided 'tail' and a set of 'counters' on either side used for tallying ten's and thousands of mantra or prayer recitations. The red color is traditionally for practices of 'attraction'. Your purchase of this or any of our other Tibetan Nun's Project items helps support education, building projects and other essential needs within the Tibetan nun's community.

The mala in its most basic and universal form is perhaps the tassel mala. Appearing at first as a simple decorative device, the tassel is actually a spiritual teaching and aid in contemplation. The individual strands blend and flow together in constant change and represent change within changelessness, the illusion of separateness, the undivided Unity of the Eternal or Divine.

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Red Bone Mala - $22.99
Base SKU:531021

A timeless favorite, this hand-crafted and high-quality mala is made of fragrant sandalwood beads. Sandalwood's scent is thought to be conducive to pure mental states and meditation. It is of course, also pleasing to the gods, whose refined sense of smell reportedly affords them great pleasure from the fragrance of sandalwood. For that reason some consider sandalwood malas ideal for mantra repetition, but all of our malas are equally as popular.  These are fair-traded and sales from these malas go directly to the Buddhist communities who make them.  They cost a little more, but they are authentic items imported directly from Nepal.

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Sandalwood Mala - $32.99
Base SKU:531013

Tibetan rosaries (malas) are traditionally used for a special Buddhist practice. Tibetan Buddhism suggests that there are 108 negative emotions to overcome. Lotus Seed malas are strung with 108 beads in order to say a mantra for each one. The bead size of this Lotus Seed Mala typically ranges from 7 to 9 mm diameter, and has 108 beads. Hand-strung in Dharamsala on a durable nylon coated wire and finished with a cotton tassel.  These are fair-traded and sales from these malas go directly to the Buddhist communities who make them.  They cost a little more, but they are authentic items imported directly from Nepal.

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Bodhi Seed Mala - $31.99
Base SKU:531019

This traditional Tibetan style bodhi seed mala has 108 large beads with 3 turquoise stones interspersed. It is a handsome mala that is sure to appeal to those who appreciate the Tibetan aesthetic. Bodhi seeds come from the tree colloquially known as the "bodhi tree", which is the type of tree the Buddha was meditating beneath when he attained complete enlightenment.  

Because it is made with seeds from the Buddha wisdom tree, a bodhi seed mala is also considered auspicious to use for all practices. Seasoned with a natural oil for an authentic appearance, with a turquoise bead to help keep your place in the rhythmic recitations of mantra prayers. This full size mala features traditional counters which include a set of 10 simple metal beads finished with bell and dorje counters.

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Bodhi Seed Mala - $31.99
Base SKU:531017

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