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Cyperus (Cyperus articulatus)

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The root of the Adrue (Cyperus) plant contains compounds that have an overall calming effect on the body and has been used for centuries in African and Asian medicine systems. It also acts specifically on the digestive system, controlling nausea and vomiting and aiding in the elimination of gas. A recent study suggests that its historical use for headache and epilepsy may be due to its effects on neurotransmitters in the brain. Cyperus also demonstrates some anti-bacterial activity.  With an aroma somewhat reminiscent of lavender, the Adrue plant can be found in Jamaica, Turkey, and along the Nile.
Only the blackish root is used medicinally.

Speaking of, the blackish-red, somewhat top-shaped tubers are 3/4 to 1 inch long, 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter, sometimes in a series of two or three, connected by an underground stem 1/8 inch in diameter and 1 to 2 inches long. Internally, the tubers are pale in colour, a transverse section showing a central column with darker points indicating vascular bundles. The dried tubers often bear the bristly remains of former leaves on their upper ends.

Medicinal Action and Uses

Carminative and sedative. In Chinese medicine Cyperus is a very commonly-used herb to regulate the liver qi. It is pungent, sweet, slightly bitter, and warm, and enters the liver and triple burner meridians. Cyperus is an effective and gentle herb for regulating the qi. It is warm and pungent but without a harsh and drying nature. It promotes liver qi movement, but without the possibility of injuring the yin and blood of the liver.
As a result, it's reportedly been used as a powerful detoxifying aid for overtaxing of the liver.


The nuts are quite hard and are generally soaked in water before they can be eaten. They have various uses, in particular they are used in Spain to make Horchata. Horchatas are drinks made by steeping nuts, grains in water. They're usually lightly sweetened with sugar and sometimes spiced with cinnamon. Horchatas are generally served cold or at room temperature.  A fluid extract is made from the tubers.
Drink with caution.
Cyperus is classified as a sedative and dream enhancer.
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