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Shaman Tea (Balinese Blend)

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This tea blend known as Balinese Blend is the TRUE recipe for this ancient tea. Carefully crafted with Blue, White and Pink Lotus petals (the original recipe called for the now endangered Golden Lotus), as well as Galangal Root, Wild Safflower, Bel Leaf & Fruit, Wild Basil, Torch Ginger and others. This sacred tea is still used ritualistically today becuase of its effectiveness.  This is one tea with a rich history, and we are proud to offer it to you here.

From a Balinese Ayurvedist: "Power comes from the tension between the evil and good. We call this power sakti. The power is in the difference between them. No one really has sakti. It is more accurate to say that a spiritual person is fighting for sakti rather than say that they have sakti. If there is no evil attacking you, there is no sakti in the situation. You never win a battle because the important fights keep going on. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Our stories are about these cycles of winning and losing sakti." - Ngurah Nala, M.D.

The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala and the unseen or psychic world called niskala. In the home, many Balinese have what is called a "living apothecary" which are simply the basic healing herbs and trees. These are made into remedies such as an herbal drink (loloh, where leaves, flowers and roots are crushed and mixed with water), smoked, (Utne) poultice (boreh; ground up herbs and roots are smeared on the skin), or even a chewed up mixture which is spit on the patient (sepuk). Yet healing is not only plant medicine, but in inducing a transformational energy experience as well.

From treasured secret formulas over 2000 years old, come this authentic re creation of the genuine BALINESE BLEND, held sacred by the islanders and offered to the Gods with reverance!

Enjoy – as a Loloh or Utne or even as a Sepuk – it is delicious!

Ingredients include petals, stamens and seed powder of Sacred Blue Lotus, Sacred White lotus, Sacred pink Lotus, Wild Safflower, Galangal root, Torch Ginger flower, Rose petals, Saffron, Wild basil, Ashwagandha root, Astragulus root, Bel leaf and fruit.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a 2oz (56 gram) packet of tea, NOT the usual 8oz.
Weight: 0.25
Price: $8.99 

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