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Florapathics Luxury Soy Candle - Ambition™

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These candles are truly a revolution in candlemaking.  These 100% Pure EcoSoya Soy Wax, 100% cotton-wicked candles burn extraordinarily evenly from start to finish, for an incredible 60 hours burn time.  They also have more essential oil per candle than any other candle on the market for a true aromatherapy experience with all the benefits that can only be found in candles that are crafted from genuine plant oils, rather than cheap fragrance oils.  Yes, these are also the most expensive candles we offer, but all it takes is lighting just one for a few minutes to understand why.  We've never seen a candle burn more cleanly and with the richness of scent that we've always wished candles had.

Make your way in the world, on your terms, the way you want it to be with the Ambition™ Luxury Soy Candle! Use Frankincense and Rosewood to clarify your mind to manifest your creative contribution to life. Plant a design to unfold your true value for the world with Coriander and Caraway seeds, and use the grounding effects of Cedarwood and Patchouli to keep your eye on the goal!  Size: 11.65 oz. (Boxed)

Price: $21.99 

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