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Hand-Picked Singing Bowl (6" w/Mallet)

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Traditional singing bowls are constructed of a 7 metal alloy which, when struck or rubbed, produce a resonant humming tone conducive to meditation practice. Actually, the use of instruments such as bells, cymbals, and gongs in Tibetan and other schools of meditative practices and other rituals are quite common, but few offer as rich a sound as singing bowls.  The concepts of sound and vibration as the means of creation and transformation are common doctrinal features of Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as many other world religions, including, surprisingly, the Judeo-Christian tradition.

We hand select this bowls for tone; so be very careful with which singing bowl you choose to purchase...there can be a VAST difference in quality with singing bowls. Look HERE for more info.  We feel that we excel in choosing singing bowl for both their tone and their craftsmanship, partly becuase several of the people on our staff use these very bowls in their meditation practice, and these are no exception.  All bowls are hand-beaten into shape for a tone that is noticably clearer and lasts longer than any bowl made by any machine.   They are also a lovely reminder of the energy that these bowls provide, while not taking up much space in one's environment.

Using Your Singing Meditation Bowl: Find a quiet place. Set the bowl on its pad. Take a calming breath and gently strike the edge of the bowl with the baton. Relax, focus on the resonating sound, and bring your awareness to the present, allowing all else to fall away from your mind except the sound of the resonance of the metal of the bowl. Continue to concentrate as the sound gently subsides. Rest in the tranquil moment that follows.

Repeat this exact ritual until you have reached the time you set aside for yourself for meditation.  What we love most about Singing Bowls, is that unlike a mantra which is repeated to oneself and can more easily lend itself to the mind wandering, this is a physical activity that you are engaging in.  This physical activity, although mindless, forces your mind to stay with what you're doing a little more easily, making it even more likely that you will grow in skill in your meditation practice.

This hand-hammered 6" singing bowl is carefully crafted by artisans in Nepal. It is hand tuned for clarity before leaving their workshop.  As all of our products from Nepal and Tibet, these are Fair Traded, and profits from these bowls go directly to helping to Free Tibet.

Price: $79.99 

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