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Red Lotus Singing Bowl Box (3" w/Mallet)

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Don't be fooled by the small size of this powerful singing bowl.  Yes, it is intended mostly as a gift, to remind one of the beautiful tone and energy that singing bowls can provide, but it also produces a surprisingly clear tone.  This is not a handcrafted bowl as our larger ones are, but the gift box, mallet, and singing bowl cushion are.

These mini-sized singing bowls also make great travel companions.  They pack up easily in any size travel bag, and provide a pleasing tone with a longer-than expected sustain.  Of course, as with all of our products from Tibet, these are fair-traded, and profits go to help Free Tibet.

Symbolizing the full flowering of wisdom, the vining lotus on this box evokes the perfect unity and harmony that exists in all things. In Tibetan language, the inner meaning of the lotus is associated with the expression Tsangma, which embodies purity of body, speech and mind. Inside the box, a hand-cast meditation bowl is ready to reflect your perfect self. Handmade in Nepal by skilled artisans using traditional methods. 

How to Use Your Meditation Bowl: Find a quiet place. Set the bowl on its pad. Take a calming breath and gently strike the edge of the bowl with the wooden baton. Relax, focus on the resonating sound, and bring your awareness to the present. Continue to concentrate as the sound gently subsides. Rest in the tranquil moment that follows. Repeat as needed! This handcast (not hand-hammered) bowl is carefully made by artisans in Nepal. It is hand tuned for clarity of sound but not really intended, as explained above, for use as a traditional singing bowl.

Price: $34.99 

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