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Yerba Mate / Organic Shaman Teas

We offer the best in Yerba Mate products and accessories, our highly popular (and quite unique) Shamanic Tea Blends, as well as our organic tea blends produced through our Peruvian Cooperative.  Our Yerba Mate includes products from Guayaki and Nativa, as well as teas that are the most recognized brands in Brazil and Argentina such as Rosamonte and Canarias.  The teas from the Peruvian Cooperative are the proud result of our combined efforts (including the support of you) in producing a marketable product that the indigenous peoples of the Amazon can offer to a worldwide market, while sustainably harvesting the plants used to craft the teas.  Your purchase of these teas goes directly to the people of the Peruvian Amazon who craft them from ancient recipes!
Not only does Yerba Mate offer a non-jittery energy boost, it has a number of healthy benefits for the body as well, unlike coffee.  Yerba Mate is actually enjoyed just like coffee in most of South America, and the rest of the world is now just "warming up" to the wonders of Yerba Mate.  It's even become the new "weight loss" fad, since Yerba Mate has been proven to be a naturally effective appetite suppressant.  And the list goes on.
Also, our Shamanic Teas have been perfected over our many years of offering the highest quality products with noticeable effects and use in Shamanic traditions the world over.  And, of course, they're made with the same organic and wild crafted herbs we offer here at the shop.  If I don't personally believe in the tea, I won't offer it here.  We even offer a version of our Druid Mood Blend Capsules in a delicious tea, as well as a true Balinese Blend tea, made by exacting standards from an ancient recipe.  All of our Shamanic Tea Blends are made from our organic or wild crafted herbs found throughout the shop, and are sold in re-sealable gold foil packs to keep their freshness time after enjoyable time. 
Tea has been used the world over throughout history because it's one of the world's most powerful and versatile adaptogens.  Some teas energize the body and mind, while others have powerful calming effects.  Some exotic teas have a history of helping to induce vivid dreaming such as our Dreamer's Blend which can be used as both a tea and an herbal smoke, and is made from the most powerful dream inducing herbs known, or our gentler and more tasty "Sweet Dreams Tea" that is crafted from an ancient Amazon recipe.  
All our teas are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so buy one that looks most enticing to you with complete confidence.

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