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To us, one of the most interesting gifts shamans and Ayurvedists have given the world is the identification of plants that according to traditional folk-belief are used for the support of “sexual” wellbeing. Often generally referred to as “aphrodisiacs”, these are more often plants with the purportive ability of helping to support sexual desire or libido. We've gathered our favorites from around the world here, each one chosen on the basis of having been the subject of scientific research.
Here at the shop, we focus on natural products and our selection of herbs for the support of sexual wellbeing is no different. Our bodies want to be well and perform at their peak all the time, but factors in an increasingly stressful world often prevent that. For those want to make their intimate world the most it can be, the all-natural herbal products below will serve as useful guide and were chosen for their overall customer satisfaction.

Notes on Herbal Products...

A whopping 25 to 50 percent of all prescription medications in the US are based on chemicals derived from plants. Since pharmaceutical companies can't patent or own plants, they first isolate an active constituent (such salicylic acid from willow for acetylation to produce aspirin), and then market a semi-synthetic or fully synthesized product, leaving behind the rest of the plant, along with any other active constituents. So, don't be too quick to belittle the words "all-natural" or "herbal".

Many of these products are known for their benefits through thousands of years of use. We've made them into extracts, tinctures, teas, or encapsulated supplements. So don't be shy. Enjoy your sexuality as one of the most essential facets of your humanness and marvel in the fact that the uses of many natural products were revealed to us by medicine men and women throughout history.

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