Vegan Chocolate

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The phenomena of chocolate goes back to ancient times when it was used in almost as many forms as you find today. At different points in history, chocolate was thought of as a food, aphrodisiac, euphoriant, medicine, and delicious treat, and was even, at times, used as currency.

We are extremely proud of what became the product of several years of trial-and-error. It all started with trying to grow the perfect cacao beans on the rich slopes of the Kona Coffee belt in Hawaii at Kona Kava Farm, and led to the recipe to craft the most delicious and healthy non-dairy, vegan chip that we could. We not only accomplished the task, but have since expanded on the success and blended together our own Kona Coffee with our Vegan Chocolate Chips. We now proudly offer something we didn’t think could be improved upon: Coffee Vegan Chips. This is the one product we offer that has always sold itself; one taste is all it takes.